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Alleyway - some good news

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After several complaints regarding
nuisance youths congregating in an alleyway on the estate, a group of
youths were stopped and spoken to by officers. Advice has been issued to
the group regarding there conduct and, touch wood, no further complaints

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you want any further
information or advice, likewise if problems persist.



Richard FARRAR
PCSO 8954
Tunstall NPU
0300 123 2345 ext 08954



Web Monkey's picture

I suprised no ones commented on this

I thought the alley way at the top of heritage park was a pain for everybody.

It's good news isn't it?

congletonvets's picture

I'm sure it is WM, for those

I'm sure it is WM, for those who live there. Well done for finding out and reporting it on the site! Shame no-one else has commented yet.

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