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House party incident - 2009

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Two residents of John Rhodes way were assaulted last night after a small house party got out of control, and was invaded by up to 30 youths.

Two residents were assaulted and their window smashed after the youngsters spilled out of the house throwing bottles onto the street and entering neighbouring properties.

Police attended the scene shortly afterwards, to remove remaining youngsters from the house.



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How to report a

How to report a crime
Emergency contact
Call 999 if:

A crime is happening now
People are injured
People are being threatened or are in danger
The offender is still there or is nearby
999 is for emergencies only. An emergency is something that demands an immediate response. Using the 999 line unnecessarily could prevent somebody who is in danger from getting through to us.

Non-emergency contact
Call our non-emergency number 0300 123 4455 when:

There is no immediate danger to life
The crime is NOT in progress
The offender is NOT nearby
You have a general enquiry
Some examples of when to use the non emergency number:

"My car has been vandalised"
"I want to report my mobile phone as lost”
"I was in a car accident yesterday”
Please use the non emergency number for all general enquiries.

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Seems Rough

Seems a bit rough round that Swallow Rise estate ! Smile

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