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Driving on Ice - Mini Roundabout, water running down the bank causing huge sheets of ice

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Of the £160k potential monies left over in the councils coffers that should be spent on this estate, I'm proposing we spend some of it trying to stop the water running off the bank next to the mini roundabout, by using one of the worlds finest methods of water capture.

Trees, lots of them, on the bank pulling that water back from the ground. Okay, I'm a web developer and not a town planner so there might be a few holes in the plan, which I'm sure one or two of you can point out to me.



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Drain !!!

There is actually a big drain and culvert at the bottom of the fields on Sptfire Way. Just a small trench filled with gravel running off to it and bingo job done. I agree trees are a great method but it does take a few years for them to mature and become really effective.

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Parked on the D road

Yet again last night the D road ground to a halt. The north bound side was tailing back past the Hanford turn off and why ?. Well there was a accident on the southbound carridge way by Asda Wolstanton. The cause of the tailbacks RUBBER Neckers. I bet the Southbound carridgeway was back all the way to Junction 16 but not a mention of the accident in tonights SentiboreZZZZZ.
In the last two weeks my usual 12 to 15 Minute drive home has been extended to an hour ,three times, but a least it means that that irritating git Steve Wright on radio 2 goes off and Chris Evans entertains . Which brings me on to another thread.

Who is the most irritating Radio Host ?. See above for my nomination.

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Any takers ?

The mini roundabout is a bit silppy tonight, any takers on a bet that some one bumps into the big lorry that is parked on it.

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