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Park Hill Farm , Hales , learning to be a farmer

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its Open Farm Day on Sunday the 13th June. if you follow the link below you can find your nearest farm thats taking part , there loads to do from help feeding the animals , learn about the farmers day , how crops grow to how it gets to your plate, pond dipping. tractor rides and loads more .

ok, not tunstall and surounding area but worth mentioning open farm days because its interesting and allows children to know more about the countryside.

i will be helping out on the day at Park Hill Farm where 3 of their Oxford Sandy and Black pigs have had 21 piglets in the last few days.

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We had a great day at one of

We had a great day at one of these sorts of days at hill chorlton farm's lambing day

We've also nipped over to Wheelock Farm just past crewe today, and the kids loved every minute of it, especially playing on the hay bale , and their superb play area.

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Enjoy farm life with open

Enjoy farm life with open day

OPEN INVITE: Farmer Patsy Pimlott.
FAMILIES are invited to an open day at a farm this weekend.

On Sunday, Park Hill Farm, near Hales, Market Drayton will be opening its gates to the public. The event is a chance for families to meet the farmers who grow their food and care for the countryside. The free event will run from 11am to 4pm.

Park Hill farmer Patsy Pimlott said: "People can come and enjoy a tractor and trailer ride, see the 26 baby piglets and the baby chicks and our special twin calves.

"There will a farm walk, nature trails and pond dipping organised and professionally led by Natural England, which are ideal ways to enjoy the peace and beauty of the countryside.

"Our vets will show people round and answer questions."

There will also be worms for people who want to know about wormeries.

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Open farm Sunday 2010 was a

Open farm Sunday 2010 was a lovely sunny day at Park Hill Farm.
about 350 people attended this event.
the tractor trailer rides were very busy. and children loved the pond dipping.

a wonderful day for promoting the country side .
long may it stay GREEN.

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Patsy Pimlott writes about

Patsy Pimlott writes about the open farm day -

Park Hill Farm, Hales took part last week in the national Open Farm Sunday event, welcoming about 350 people to the farm without charge.
However, the day was only successful because of all the help we received from friends and volunteers.

We would like to thank everyone who gave their time and contributed greatly to everyone's happy day.

Mary Wynne-Jones and Barbara Plant manned the meet and greet stall ensuring all children knew about washing their hands etc, and received stickers and puzzles, and Mike Richardson of the Tern Vets in Shropshire Street, showed children veterinary instruments used in bygone days for operating on farm animals. Luckily today, the tools of the trade are far more animal friendly. Mike also talked to families about domestic pets' healthcare, farm animal welfare and and the importance of vets,farmers and the public working together.

John Lea, James Simpson and Will Robley took hundreds of excited families around the farm with the tractor and trailer, and replied to
questions concerning farming and the environment. Staffordshire
County Council supported us by sending representatives from Animal Health who spoke about the importance of animal welfare, and the Composting Dept from Shropshire County Council brought their wormery, which was popular with the girls but not the boys surprisingly.

Natural England who are responsible for the farm's environmental policy, released Katy Bickerton and Tracey to host the pond dipping, and hundreds of children voted this as the "best thing ever" in the comments book.

Becky , Dereth and Ruth, who volunteer regularly, manned the refreshments stall to the delight of all who needed a cup of tea whilst listening to The Shades band play requests. Sheila Pimlott and the Tern Venture Scouts magnificently helped children bake 148 cup cakes, all of which were consumed as soon as they came out of the oven.

My husband John deserves a big thank you for organising such a wonderful day, and for ensuring everyone got chance to see the lambs and baby piglets. So many were photographed and stroked, and "Runty who plays football and Stumpy who was so small" are now household names for many local families.

As ever, we try to reciprocate offers of help and kindness, and we are pleased to hear that the Children's Society stand sold all their raffle tickets, and may have picked up a corporate sponsor. We do hope it all works out.

Of course, the largest thank you goes to all the parents and children who came to have a good day out and to support us. We hope to see you all again on Bank Holiday Monday in August for our fun day.

Thank you all for making our day so successful.
Patsy Pimlott

Best wishes
Patsy Pimlott
Park Hill Farm
Market Drayton

Producing high quality South Devon beef, and rare breed, outdoor reared Oxford Sandy and Black pigs for bacon, sausage, gammon and pork for sale at the farm, and farmers markets.
A high quality education centre for schools and groups to visit, including indoor classroom, pond dipping and coach park.
Catering for all your needs - give us a call.
For on farm training, call 07966 460312.

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Park Hill farm are now

Park Hill farm are now offering "how to be a farmer" lessons,
please read the link below.

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 The  Countryside Alliance

 The  Countryside Alliance Foundation represents   businesses that are the  very best of the Midlands’ produce, enterprise and community spirit .  


 Parkhill farm  was nominated  for  an award  for  their many open days ,  educational  school workshops and  general  high community  enterprise  events a recent anouncement  by Pat  informed me that  they had won the  Midlands  award . well done Pat and John.

Dear All


Just to let you know that we have WON the Midlands Awards for Enterprise.  This is amazing.


Thank you for voting for us.


We shall be off to London to visit the House of Lords and take part in a celebration event for all Regional winners.  We stand a 1 in 10 chance of winning the Enterprise Category for the Country!


On the back of this, we will be visiting the ITV studios, and meeting Alan Tichmarsh, and should be on his programme later this coming week. 



We shall be arranging a "thank you day" here soon.

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 See Park Hill Farm award  on


See Park Hill Farm award  on this YouTube link!

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 to celebrate winning  the

 to celebrate winning  the  award ParkHill farmers  Pat and John  are holding a free Celebration Taster Day at their farm .on the 15th  April  from 10am - they  invite you to attend.

I just had to share the lovely photos on our blog


These little piggies will be on show tomorrow.


Beef is cooking nicely, and the rib of beef will be put in tomorrow am.


John and Amelia are on Stafford Farmers Market and then off to buy the Buck Fizz for tomorrow.


If you can make it, we would love to see you, and full details are on the blog.


Best wishes and hope to see you on Sun 15th.
Pat Pimlott
Park Hill Farm
Market Drayton
Producing high quality South Devon beef, and rare breed, outdoor reared Oxford Sandy and Black pigs for bacon, sausage, gammon and pork for sale at the farm, and farmers markets.
A high quality education centre for schools and groups to visit, including indoor classroom, pond dipping and coach park.
07966 460312.

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