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Stoke finally gets some cheaper petrol

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A bit of good news, petrol prices have dropped due to a price war that's broken out between the super markets. Call me a cynic, but it seems very timely that they lower prices before christmas, so we can spend more in the shops.
Cheapest stations within 5 miles of Tunstall for Unleaded
Asda Wolstanton Morrisons Stoke Tesco Stoke Stoke-on-trent Service Station Holditch Service Station
103.9p 103.9p 104.9p 105.9p 105.9p
Cheapest stations within 5 miles of Tunstall for Diesel
Asda Wolstanton Morrisons Stoke Shell Festival Sainsburys Hanley Lichfield Street Service Station
105.9p 106.9p 106.9p 106.9p 106.9p