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Where in Tunstall Photo 4 - Elgood Lane, the back of the Goldenhill Carwash

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Where in Tunstall?

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Todays where in Tunstall is easy, I'm expecting this one to go straight away.

No clues what so ever for this one until Sunday, apart from it's in the Tunstall Ward.

Happy Hunting

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Dereth's picture

theres two competitions

theres two competitions going on here firstly the photo, i havent a clue there that it, and secondly
who spots webmonkey taking the photo.

Web Monkey's picture

Try looking around the "Au

Try looking around the "Au protuberance" area

Web Monkey's picture

Clue number one revealed Ok,

Clue number one revealed
Ok, a bit to cryptic that clue?

If you all take a look at your periodic table, you'll find that Au is gold, and after whipping your thesaurus out, you'll have discovered a protuberance is actually a hill.

Gold hill, drop a "en" into the mix, and the clue is:
Try looking around Goldenhill (Just watch this part be in Sandyford) - I'm just giving them away now

it's only slightly off the beaten track. Come on, that must be enough clues to find this one. IF you want more, just ask.

Web Monkey's picture

Final clue, answer revealed

Final clue, answer revealed tomorrow evening.

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Web Monkey's picture

Mark, your just out of range

Mark, your just out of range saying the Bike shop, but close with your second guess, I will need the road name off you.

Web Monkey's picture

We have a winner everyone,

We have a winner everyone, Round 4 again goes to Sharky.

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sharky's picture

That was a bloody hard one to

That was a bloody hard one to find,managed to pin it down through google maps to, Brunswick ceramic services, Elgood lane Goldenhill, close to the car wash.

Web Monkey's picture

I thought this would stump

I thought this would stump you all. As soon as I saw it I knew it was a contender for the where in competition.

I quite like the colours too, thought it would make a good photo.

While we are on the subject of old buildings, you might want to look at the Potteries org pages on Tunstall.

Consider it home work for the future.

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