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Grass cutting on the open-space

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Thought we were getting somewhere today with the council when I saw the maintenance team out in force on the open space, I saw that the paddock had been cut so had the mini roundabout and they were just about to start on the bottom section of the open space.

Whilst walking the dog I could not help but notice the fella on the tractor was not cutting the crass as I would he seemed to be creating series of grid patterns.

If you take a look at the photo's you can see exactly what he was doing to my amazement this is how the open space has been left.

As they were packing up I asked if this was the finished state of thier work and was told due to cut backs they were not allowed to cut all of the grass. If this so why has all the paddock been cut and why has the entire park been cut three times in the last six weeks.


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Does it look like they've

Does it look like they've just subbed the work out to you Bryn? You're right it does look a right mess.

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If the Olympic Torch was

If the Olympic Torch was passing through the open space bet the council would do a better job with the grass ,at the end of the day it was our money that disappeared into the council pot instead of it being invested back into the open space and this is the price we have paid.

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So far I've only seen Bryn's

So far I've only seen Bryn's picture up close so today I went for a look up close.

Even the bits that they have done aren't straight, and why bisect the fields like that. Is that really the finished job? Is it some ground breaking method of cutting grass or just a waste of transport costs if you have to keep coming back?

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Pardon me if I am wrong but i

Pardon me if I am wrong but i remember coming around your estate several times last year just to see the fantastic wild flowers in the LONG grass, are the areas you are talking of the wild flower areas if so thats why they have not been cut as the stalks will be comming through now and to cut the grass would only destroy the flower. Give it some time and wait and see it may be that you will have the most fantastic colour in a few weeks time and I for one will be green with envy. If you are not sure I am certain web monkey took loads of pictures in the area look them up and see if I have got this right.   

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Sorry to say Sue but the

Sorry to say Sue but the area's you are thinking of are the area's that have been cut. Two years ago the Woodlands Trust planted hundreds of saplings on the open-space 90% of these were destroyed by the council maintenance team when they came and cut the grass. Last year the council created some kind of wild flower bed at the bottom end of the estate to which you may be referring to unfortunately this year this has been one of the area's that has been cut. The open space has been cut  the way that it has for one reason only and that is the councils poor attempt to save a bit of money.

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This is the first thing any

This is the first thing any one sees when they drive onto our estate,

It just looks an overgrown neglected mess.

I feel sorry for the residents who have to look out of their window every day and have to look at this on a daily basis,

I also face another issue as the back of my house backs onto the cemetery and they only cut half of that (the new part)

unfortunately mine backs onto the old part.

I have heard of councils threatening to evict people who live on council estates who refuse to keep the garden grass short,


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