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I think my lads song would have scored more points in the Eurovision contest ? WHAT DO YOU THINK ?

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Hi folkes dont know wether you remember me- I put some songs on this site with the help of Mat - my son chris -well now its my other son Adams turn - Like you i sat down and listened - watched the Eurovision contest and again we did ENGLAND proud - ??? we did not come last but very close - I said to my wife my boys have songs that would have scored more than that- well they could not do worse - have a listen and watch the video of Adam on YOUTUBE and tell me if i am correct or not or is it again nil point - go on YOUTUBE - JUST PUT IN adamcolclough no space and tell me what you think of ROCK AND ROLL MAN - I THINK IT WOULD HAVE DONE WELL what do you say LOOK FORWARD TO YOUR COMMENTS alan



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Eurovision has become a

Eurovision has become a political farce. The only reason the UK are in the finals is that the BBC supply the video links to the rest of Europe, so the UK get through. The rest of Europe hate us, so we should pull out and forget this annual humiliation!

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you are so correct its a joke

you are so correct its a joke thanks for the reply

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