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Moron in white car, just shot down John Rhodes Way at about 50mph(kids are now home, and the weathers best it's been for days)

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A white car has just come hurtling down John Rhodes Way at about 50mph. Are you stupid. It's a small residential road. Kids are home from school, the weathers the best it's been in days so some are bound to be out. Grow up. Yes you've got a big flash car, but that's were it stops. Unbeleiviable.

What's happening to the place. This past few weeks I've seen cars driving down pavements outside houses where there are kids, past two or three drives!!!!

Vans pulling into other peoples drives a long way down, not giving a toss about cars parked on there or if there's kids they can't see.

It's time to grow up Bankeyfields, and start treating the place you live in and the people around you with a bit of respect.

Rant over



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Mate the amount of cars

Mate the amount of cars parked on pavements and in stupid places is getting out of hand to the point of it being a n health and safety risk. This is on both estates we are in the same situation as we are with R.M.W someone is going to have to be seriously injured or killed before people wake up and smell the coffee and realize that there irresponsible actions are going to devastate a family.

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