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Olympic Torch passes through Burslem

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Had a great time watching the local torch bearers going  along Waterloo Road through Burslem.

There was a good  community feel about it- some people were standing   waiting   in their PJs,

the met police on the motorbikes  waved and chatted to the waiting crowds.

lots of the children were  wearing red,white and blue ribbons , head bands,  etc. and  paper union jack flags were handed out to the crowds too.

a  great morning to remember .




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Brilliant set of photos, I

Brilliant set of photos, I think image 10 is brilliant symbolising young and old comnig together.

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Video of Dan Tatton, torch

Video of Dan Tatton, torch bearer


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Great photos. I was at work

Great photos. I was at work so couldnt come down but these really help capture the moment. thanks hun X

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