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How important is saving Tunstall Pool to the area of Tunstall

With the recent closing of Tunstall Pool, and an attempt to revive it with the Tunstall Community Pool Trust plans, I'm asking how important is the saving of Tunstall Pool for not just you, but the area.


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ive changed my vote as the

ive changed my vote as the more i thought about it the more i see this as a shiny light for the area. im not really the worlds best swimmer and dont really swim but the pool has done a few things in this area. its brought people together and its closing it just feels like another nail in the coffin for the area. i going to make a bet here with anyone wants to take it (just one) that the library is next to go in the next round of cuts.

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I thought it was important

I thought it was important but looking at the prices rising 75p, from £2.25 and £3.75 also £60-a-year and members would pay a discounted price to use the pool each time they visited, and the second scheme would see members pay a monthly fee of £35 to use the pool as many times as they like. I think that it is not finacially viable, for £35 a month you can join a gym with a pool, sauna health classes and also get your parking costs in that price, I'm not sure of parking costs near the pool but it makes it unaffordable in my opinion.

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as an ex user of Tunstall

as an ex user of Tunstall Pool we need this facility back, it is much easier to get to than some of the alternatices, ok the admission prices may have to rise but prices everywhere are increasing. Perhaps if the Council would have increased the prices in the first place then we may not have the battle that we are currently having. Having to find somewhere else to send a child for swimming lessons where they get on with the staff is not always an easy task.

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Is the water world night

Is the water world night still on? I have only sold 4 tickets out of the 20 that I took,sorry,
I did say this 3 weeks ago ,but haven't heard anything?

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I miss the friends I made

I miss the friends I made when I used Tunstall pool, I miss the laughs and the jokes we all used to share but I do not miss the basic facilities that they had there. Also the longer the pool is closed the more distant the memories. I know alot of the regulars have now moved on to other places and I do not think it will be easy to get them all back.

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