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Proudly made in the Potteries

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Having just brought some more  cereal bowls from Royal Stafford in Burslem,  I'm  really proud to see the  makers stamp  with made in  Burslem   on the base.

And at  £1 a piece  well worth  the money-

For  many years now  there has been campaigns  for  food growers  to  supply  locally grown veg/meat  to local people - farmers markets  are one example . so  theres  demand  from people  who wish to purchase  items  things  that have been made  with-in their community.

And if you are of a certain age  I'm betting you still look  to check at the base of a cup/plate/ figure/teapot  to see if its made  in this area.   You can also spot  someone  who lives in this area   if you are on holiday  elsewhere  doing    the same  thing.

We always   try  to buy local pottery items , and at time we are tempted to buy the 50p plate at ikea , but  made in  turkey  on the base of a plate  doesn't  fit right when  you are born and breed in the Potteries . and  theres plenty of  bargains on offer  at the local  pot banks pottery  shop.

The metal  rain grids in the street are made in Hanley  Brookfields  i wonder  where the new grids are made?

ive found myself looking at  the street funiture now looking were the  grids are made- found a F Fuller engineer- tunstall  made and    a goodwins and sons in hanley made water grid cover-





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