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Dransfield Update on the repairs to the wind damaged Tunstall Shard

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Dransfield Properties Limited, developer of Alexandra Park which includes the brand new Boots, Tunstall Health Centre, DW Fitness and Carphone Warehouse has been in touch to about repairs to the Tunstall Shard which became unsafe  over the weekend after it was battered by strong winds weakening welds on the fingerprint as a section came away.

The Shard was made safe with a  temporary fix after the damage caused by high winds at the weekend. The  finger print “apron” over the top of the Shard came loose in the wind.

Midas Technology, who assisted the sculptor Robert Erskine in creating the Shard, will be on site tomorrow to repair the Shard and that should be completed by the end of the day.
The shard was laid in situ along side the newly opened Alexadra Park in January 2009 and has fast become on of the most better loved public art peices in the potteries, based on a ancient peice of pottery which was discovered with a finger print on it.

Robert Erskine , creator of the work is featured in the video talking about his stainless steel masterpeice which was designed to last 200 to 300 years.


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Web Monkey's picture

I was really impressed with

I was really impressed with the speed they're tackling this.

Maybe I'm just used to SOT CC ways of doing things.

Richard's picture

I think this shows up one

I think this shows up one serious issue, these pieces of art are not "Fit for Purpose".  These winds are not the worst we have had in this area and yet these pieces of so called art fall to pieces.


I hope that the 60 foot piece pole with some glass balls on it has a minimum of a 25 year guarantee against incidents such this happening.....  If the artist will not provide this then he should not be allowed to start construction....

Web Monkey's picture

Next you'll be telling me all

Next you'll be telling me all art must be created out of stone and last for 2000 years or more like those pesky romans did ;)

Richard's picture

I am not stating that the

I am not stating that the material for creating such structures should be changed.  A serious review needs to be made and whoever passed this structure off, that being from the arts department at the council should either get insurance backed warranties from the creators of such structures or be prepared to take full responsibility when this kind of thing happens.


What would have been said if the front of a tower block peeled off!!!  These people need to understand they a creating structures and as such they need to be 100% safe.  I have reservations as to what may happen in high winds to the 60 foot pole with glass balls all over to be positioned on the top of a hill....


Some call it art, other like myself call it many things but art is not something I would call it.  Waste of money springs to mind....

kiwigaz's picture

Hell even my fingerprint

Hell even my fingerprint would come off if it was exposed to wind and rain for 3 years...

I have some exterior no more nails if that would help?

Guest's picture

When is that retail park

When is that retail park supposed to be finally finished and all the hoardings removed!

Sue V's picture

Reply to Guest Question.

Reply to Guest Question. That section of the retail park is in limbo at the moment as Dransfield are waiting to see what is happening with the proposed Morrisons site, they said it will not be worth while opening new units if they are to be duplicated lower down in town on the old Johnsons Site, also I should imagin they are keeping an eye on the customer/sales ratings for Boots chemist, I used to use Boots alot in the high st but whenever I go across there now it is always empty, and it sounds empty, the palce echoes, and the stock is not as good. I am thinking a small Pharmacy would have been suficient next door to the Drs and Boots should have stayed where it was but thats my personal view. 

Rach's picture

have to agere with Sue on

have to agere with Sue on that one, have only been to the new Boots once in November time, and thought it seemed to have a lot less than the old Boots and this was in the run up to Christmas, haven't been back since, instead go to Festival Park.


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