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Speed camera signs up on Reginald Mitchell Way

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Bankeyfileds RA update: I've had no official word from the council (hey used to it by now) but looks like after over 8 years we've had some signs up to warn speeding motorists that there may be speed cameras about.

The value pack signs themselves have been dotted around the upper part of Reginald Mitchell Way. Now that the road is sign posted the police no longer have to position those ridiculous speed watch signs which defeat the object of catching speeding motorists on Reg Mitch and just get on with it.

WHat do you think about the signs? Not enough or do we need to know more?



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The majority of people that

The majority of people that speed on RMW use this road everyday so a few signs will not make a jot of difference the only thing that will stop these idiots are actual working cameras.

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That's very true, and judging

That's very true, and judging by a work I took last night down to the canal, no one was taking a blind bit of notice of the 40MPH/30MPH speed limits, lane markings on the roundabouts or low key speed camera signs.

Lets hope the signs are backed up with more police targeting of the road with their camera team.

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