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Street Games in Stoke - sporting activities for the kids in your area

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StreetGames delivers free sports coaching to young people aged 8-18 in Stoke-on-Trent.

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Dodgeball
  • Cricket
  • and other activities - all delivered by professional sports coaches. 


Nash Peake Street30/04/2012 to 24/09/2012View Event
Sneyd Green Park25/04/2012 to 26/09/2012View Event
Drive Park25/04/2012 to 26/09/2012View Event
Mount Pleasant Park26/04/2012 to 27/09/2012View Event
Anchor Road Sports Court26/04/2012 to 27/09/2012View Event
Nash Peake Street27/04/2012 to 28/09/2012View Event
Joiners Square Park27/04/2012 to 28/09/2012View Event
Tunstall Park27/04/2012 to 28/09/2012View Event
Hanford Park30/04/2012 to 01/10/2012View Event
Lodge Road Park and Sports Courts30/04/2012 to 01/10/2012View Event
Milton Park30/04/2012 to 01/10/2012View Event
Northwood Park30/04/2012 to 01/10/2012View Event
Newford Primary Playing Fields30/04/2012 to 01/10/2012View Event
Newford Primary Playing Fields30/04/2012 to 01/10/2012View Event
Greenfield Road Playing Fields24/04/2012 to 02/10/2012View Event
Arbourfield Drive Sports Court01/05/2012 to 02/10/2012View Event
Summer Street Play Area25/04/2012 to 03/10/2012View Event
Norton Cricket Club27/03/2012 to 18/12/2012View Event
Etruria Park27/03/2012 to 18/12/2012View Event
St. Joseph's Primary School27/03/2012 to 18/12/2012View Event
Ormiston Sir Stanley Matthews Academy28/03/2012 to 19/12/2012View Event
The Cog Training and Conference Centre28/03/2012 to 26/12/2012View Event
Norton Sports Court28/03/2012 to 26/12/2012View Event
Dimensions Leisure Centre29/03/2012 to 27/12/2012View Event
Packmoor Primary School29/03/2012 to 28/12/2012View Event
James Brindley Sports Centre30/03/2012 to 28/12/2012View Event
Port Vale Football Club30/03/2012 to 28/12/2012View Event
Salem Methodist Church30/03/2012 to 28/12/2012View Event



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