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StokeElected on a proposed £40million move from Stoke to Hanley - Old folks homes Facilities remained closed

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The political leadership of Stoke-on-Trent City Council sure don’t shy away from risking controversy with big thinking. After two years of budget cuts and a council tax rise, the Labour group are advancing their Mandate for Change further than ever before with the announcement of the relocation of the Civic Centre to Hanley- ahem, the city centre.

The plan is to build a whole new £40m headquarters for the council along Potteries Way (known by council managers as the Central Business District), after being based in the purpose-built  £24m current Civic Centre for 20 years. There's more, much more on Stoke Elected


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Reading the Story and

Reading the Story and comments on te Sentinel site and it really looks like this idea is going to go ahead.

There's no money for road markings, swimming pools, open libraries, children centre cuts,  old folkes homes, extra policing, staff to help communities, but there is vast amounts of monies to move a buildings with the hope that it will attract other businesses.

I don't remember this on the poxy labour leaflet  that came through my door. 


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