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Suspicious Oil drum dumped at Harry Hancock’s warehouse

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 Saw a group of kids on Hancock’s Warehouse messing around with an oil drum that had been dumped there I told them that the” Police were on the way to see what it was” and they left. I phoned the council to report it and was advised to phone 101. Having done this the Police have been in touch with Highways Cromer Road and they are sending someone out to shift it tonight. The drum seems to be full of some sought of liquid so it needs to be shifted ASAP before it ends up down on the open space like the last drum of liquid tar.


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There could be anything in

There could be anything in there. Cheers Bryn.

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From Dot Matthews - of

From Dot Matthews - of Tunstall North RA
A concerned member of Tunstall North RA reported these drums to the local council officer this afternoon.  They appear to have been left behind after part of Summerbank Road was re-surfaced this week.  Hopefully, they will be collected ASAP and the reason why they were left there will be investigated.

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