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Target Recommendation date for decision on new Tunstall Morrison's has been and gone, so what's next?

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The consolation period for the decision on the new 6,688 sq m Morrisons  Superstore which is planned for the edges of Tunstall, along with proposed retail units has come and gone without a decision from Stoke-on-Trent City Council.


In a recent review it was pointed out that, where as in the past other planning permission being sought to turn this land into retail park  developments, planned to have a new link road to the A500 roundabout to the  west of Tunstall that would effectively create a western bypass for the town centre, this new proposed development does not include such plans.
This point has been raised not just in the review but also by a  number of local people with their views during the  consultation process.
Other obstacles in the review point out that.
There are no investment proposals in Burslem although this is a centre lacking vitality and viability badly in need of investment. Tunstall is the closest town centre and impact  on invest here should be the main cause for concern with regard to this Framework  
test. There are other investment proposals on the edge of Tunstall in the form of the  final phases of the Scotia retail park.
Edge-of-centre sites to be prioritised and it is probably in closer proximity to  Tunstall town centre (PSA) than this proposal. The developers Dransfield have had  some difficulty pre-letting their proposals which are partially restricted to bulky goods  and this proposal for unrestricted non-food A1 in the retail park element will not assist if it is permitted.
One of the main dangers of the plot being out of town means that  there will  be some indirect impacts on the town centre arising from impacts on the Asda and surrounding retail parks that are closer and sequentially superior to the proposal.
The review points out that as a result..
linked trips currently made from these facilities may be lost and footfall in Tunstall town centre reduced as a result of the proposal which is further from the centre and less likely to generate linked trips. The impact on the Asda is also understated in the impact assessment along with the impact on the retail parks which are combined with the town centre  impact assessment.
With the reviewer of the plan saying that they don't consider investment in this edge-of-centre site can be given significant weight 
as it adds to the critical mass of peripheral retail floorspace competing directly with the town centre, plus the fact that any job opportunities created would be be felt in the area due to displacement from other local stores as they close.
With the Morrisons plans looking increasingly under threat there might be a silver lining for Tunstall Regeneration in the next few weeks from Dransfield with news of further developments over at the Alexandrea Park site.



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Web Monkey's picture

Matt Evans on Google +

Matt Evans on Google + says 

They just need hurry up and build it , jobs are badly needed in tunstall and this is still the best way to keep up with the regeneration of tunstall

Guest's picture

Tunstall is tired and stuck

Tunstall is tired and stuck in its ways, shops expect people to come in rather than seeking new trade. At leats a new morrisons would mean new people might venture in a bit more.

Ian norris's picture

It is looking likely the

It is looking likely the application will be refused due to highways and design issues, at present that decision will be taken by a delegated officer and not councillors.


If feeling is strong enough with residents to fight for a Morrisons without the link road I woukld suggest  trying to askthe  planning committee to make the decision instead of an officer.


But for once I'm with the highways officers report on this

bj-dj's picture

Hope common sense prevails

Hope common sense prevails here this is a massive investment for Tunstall the chance to developed land that is an eyesore and create much needed jobs is an opportunity not to be missed.

Web Monkey's picture

Cheaper petrol in the area

Cheaper petrol in the area sells it for me. Local diesel is 136p and petrol 133p.

The Morrisons petrol station would cut down distance traveled to get out of the ripoff zone. 

Sue V's picture

The old H&R Johnsons ground

The old H&R Johnsons ground needs sorting into somthing it looks a mess as it is BUT is a new supermarket really the answer, Morrisons will make it the 5th Supermarket in a mile radius yes they will initially create jobs and all will look ok but will this be at the expence of other peoples jobs at ASDA, Aldi, and Lidle. Also looking at it in the long run if trade drops off the other supermarkets will they cut and run then we are back where we started with an empty building. The perfect answer would be a factory of some sort but thats just a dream senario that will not happen.       

RedGirl's picture

I agree with Sue. Another

I agree with Sue. Another supermarket is not the answer. A competitively priced petrol station is a good idea Matt, but I don't think we need the associated supermarket as well. Local businesses in need of new premises due to expansion (like Triumph did) should be encouraged to stay in the area, upcoming businesses should be encouraged to take over existing sites and buildings and a good mix of shops, offices, leisure areas and houses should be considered for all disused land currently in need of being brought back into use.

Would it not make sense to move the current Stoke North recycling centre from it's current location to Brownhills Road? It would certainly make access to the site easier. And the plot that's vacated could be developed as housing, as it's surrounded currently by terraced, modern estates and new build developments.

bj-dj's picture

A retirement village for the

A retirement village for the elderly would be my second choice if we are not going to have a Morrisons.

Banned's picture

Talking of congested

Talking of congested roads....Why the hell do they keep digging up Brownhills Road?


Talk about bad planning by the council!

Banned's picture

To be honest, as Tunstall is

To be honest, as Tunstall is well equipped with places to shop, why don’t  they look at building the Morrison’s in Burslem?

Burslem has become a retail desert with loads of brown field sites. It's what that area needs so badly.

Again the council may be able to make good for destroying Burslem's' shopping history, which they did by introducing parking charges and putting up the rents on the market traders, to which the market collapsed as it was not viable for the traders to stay.

This crap council have a lot to answer for in trying to make a quick quid without thinking about its residents and their needs? !!!!!

Residents are held to ransome by the rip off CO-OP in Newcastle Street.

Now they make no income from the market and very little from parking. Probably does not cover the cost of maintaining the machines.

They just cannot help themselves. Go around Burslem and all the large council car parks are always empty. I have never ever seen a car parked in the one opposite Home Bargains, and the other one down by the Lucy Wedgewood surgery.

Any new business that opens in Burslem should just instead come and give me all their money. It will save a lot of paper work and the end result is the same. They won't have a business in 12 months and no money left!

In the imortal  words of JAMES ROYAL   "City Council.....My arse !!!!! "



I am also very angry that it looks like the plans for Morrison's won't go through.

Since when have the council give a crap about road planning anyway? They obviously didn’t when they went to work on Hanley, or aren’t Morrison’s offering a big enough back hander than  rip off Tesco did


Now let’s talk about congestion!!!! [removed]!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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