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Tony Pulis Carries the Olympic Torch for the City of Stoke-on-Trent [pictures]

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Getting a very early start this morning, I headed down to the Potteries Museum for the 7:00 start of the Olympic relay through Stoke-on-Trent.

A tiny bit of drizzle didn't put people off at all, and after the P.A failed on Council Leader Perzez, and sadly for the girl who wrote a poem and read it out, for her too on her big moment.

Next came a school choir, again which school I don't know as we couldn't hear over the noise of the official Olympic folk stirring up the party atmosphre.

Then out came the star of the Show, Stoke City Manager Tony Pulis, who lit the torch at 7:00 and was off.

If you want to share your pictures of the relay, please send them to



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Video created by the council

Video created by the council from yesterday's olympic carnival

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What do we expect from the

What do we expect from the way our council organises things something had to go wrong didnt it. The people I spoke to yesterday who went down to Longport said that it was good, apparently the workers at Steelite came out to line the street so there was a decent turn out. Nice pictures MattB (is this the new grown up name?), esspecialy the last one how did you get a hold of that Torch?

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Hi SueThanks Sue. I tried to

Hi Sue

Thanks Sue. I tried to photograph the end of the run, but just couldn't get parked anywhere close because people had come out to see it. Chemical lane was a single lane track for the first part.

How pleased do I look with that torch ;). I feel very lucky to have touched it, couldn't belive how light it felt.

For the site to pull into Google News, I have to use a grown up name (I'll miss web monkey, especially when I'm trying to log in and can't figure out why). Over the years I've loved the surprise in peoples voices when they say "YOUR WEB MONKEY!?"

I've been using Web Monkey since 2006 when the website was in a different format when Sharky set it up, so sorry to see him go. He might put in an apperance now and then.

Come on Team GB!


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Could have done with a bit of

Could have done with a bit of black and white, but really well done to the council for getting the torch here.

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