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Tunstall Alcohol Restriction Zone 3 months on - is it working?

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During a Tunstall Chamber of Trade Meeting tonight Jenny Lawson and PC Burton from Safer City Partnership and Tunstall Police to talk about and get a feel of the impact of the Tunstall Alcohol Restriction Zone.

Overall most traders thought the bigger groups had been dispersed by the ARZ, and the sight of a big gang, with a big dog, holding special brew had mostly disappeared.  But that’s not to say they’ve all gone away.

People fed in reports of the drunks still being in the town, but now being more covert in their activities taking them out of plain sight and into the towns back alleys, or even in peoples private gardens. Some displacement from the top and centre of town to the bottom end was reported.

One guest did ask if closing the drug rehabilitation centre on Roundwell Street would not cure many of hte problems for the town, and felt like Tunstall was fast becoming a dumping ground for the city.

Concerns were also raised about leaving anonymous reports not being accepted by the call desk, because they didn’t want to give away to the drinkers which shop reported the ARZ rule breaking.

Traders and members of the residents present were urged to call 101 to report groups of drinkers and drug takers by PC Burton. It’s important to call 101 and report any sightings. Just ask for the officers to not visit your shop and ask to be updated by telephone.

Please be vigilant,  don’t feel that because the ARZ is in place drinking will automatically disappear, you all have to keep pressure on the drinkers. The zone has started to work, but the fight to clean up the streets of Tunstall is still yet to be won.





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they are just the maggots of

they are just the maggots of society feeding on its living flesh. the day the drug center opened in my area was the day the town took a real nose dive. shift that bloody thing and we have a better chance. theres needles in the back alleys the drug center just dont work, they just makes you worse, and i hope i dont see your face again. sling it.

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