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Tunstall shard damaged by wind + Staffordshire Fire Service fix

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Tunstall has been battered by winds today, pulling trees down on Victoria Park Road. Another casulty has been the Tunstall shard on Scotia Road, with the finger print nearly ripped off the outer body.

Police were on the scene closing the road off to south traveling traffic.

Be safe everyone.

UPDATE - The Fire Brigade in attendence and have fixed the fingerprint back on with some rope for the time being.

A bit about the Tunstall Shard


Click thumbnails for larger image
The Fire Brigade tying the fingerprint back on
Temporary repair by the Fire Brigade

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Web Monkey's picture

I knew it was windy, but look

I knew it was windy, but look at that damage.

Great set of pictures John.

Sue V's picture

How sad, I do like the Shard

How sad, I do like the Shard I couldnt see the point of it at first but walking past it several times a week It has sort of grown on me and I  would miss it if it wasnt there. Hope they can get it fixed. 

Ian norris's picture

What a freaky windy day we

What a freaky windy day we felt nothing up where we live, though share Pictures of Victoria Park Road, people were very lucky



Web Monkey's picture

:< pics don't work mate

:< pics don't work mate

Web Monkey's picture

I to hope draynsfield will

I to hope draynsfield will get a proper repair job done on the Shard. I really like it, I think it's quite a defining piece of art

Ian norris's picture

Tried to use google drive :(

Tried to use google drive :( will re upload

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