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Visit to see The 20 meter public art "Golden" being pieced together

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Last week, a group of Tunstall residents were lucky enough to take up world renowned sculptor Wolfgang Buttress offer to come and visit his studio and factory to see the flame. As you all may know, the "Golden" is a 20 meter high sculpture which will stand on the old Goldendale steel works sites where the Potteries Pyramid stands now.

The sculpture is in the closing stages of it's development stage and will soon be gracing our hill top. I'll let you know more news and dates soon.




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Great set of shots Megan.

Great set of shots Megan. It's good to see a close up of how the sheet metal will look .


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Looking at this sculpture in

Looking at this sculpture in the making I wonder to myself where have I seen this before??. I am thinking that a smaller upside down version is on the streets of GB as we speek being handed from person to person. Has Wolfgang got permision from the Olympic Gods to copy the other Golden Torch??. or was it them who took the design from his I ask myself. 

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