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wildlife on your doorstep

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The Burslem  Grange has loads of wildlife  to watch.  from foxes, sparrow hawks ,ducks, geese  ,wood pigeons , wood peckers , we even had a male pheasant  a few weeks ago.

Here  are a couple of photos of the ducks and geese.

There  were 12 duckings to start off with, but  they are down to 9 duckings.

Havent seen any  young geese yet.



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Web Monkey's picture

Brilliant set of photos. I

Brilliant set of photos. 

I hope they don't build a road through here.

Dereth's picture

i think  a road will be built

i think  a road will be built eventually on the Grange ,its just a matter of time and money.

 and when it does it will definatley spoil our view  of the fields.

Web Monkey's picture

Yet more erosion of our

Yet more erosion of our landscape. 

Web Monkey's picture

How are the ducklings

How are the ducklings going?

Dereth's picture

theres only 7 ducklings now

theres only 7 ducklings now but they are growing quickly.

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