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Working hard & making a difference in our community with our children sees Greenfield Football team win tourmentent

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Here on the Hoskins estate (including Clanway St, and New Hayes Rd) we have over the years had many problems, of which the main one has been Anti-Social –Behaviour, and vandalism.

We were once described by a council employee as a very racist estate, with the worst road in the city.
The area is barren of either park (for small children) or play equipment, apart from a lone basketball hoop and two 5-a-side goalposts in a (sometimes very muddy) field that lacks sufficient drainage.

5 years ago a Residents Association was formed to get something done.
This Association now consists of 6 people that for the last 4 years have constantly worked for the good of the estate, by trying to improve it.

Our main success has come from involving the youth of our area.
We started by having football games on our field drawing in the young lads until we had
a regular group attending every week.

We then started to raise money for football kits and equipment bought with funding from the Safer City Partnership.
We ended up with a regular football match and alongside we had an Asian Volleyball team (which we also raised money for new kit for them) playing on the same field regularly with no trouble whatsoever.
The football team joined up with other teams from around the city under the guidance of Street-games at Dimensions Leisure Centre every Monday.

Their tenacity at staying the course showed over the following months when even after getting thrashed week in and week out they stayed the course.

They have now become a team coached by our own Roland Jones to be reckoned with.

On May the 29th this year teams from all around the City converged on Dimensions to enter the 6-side-football tournament.

A league was set up where every team played each other, and the top two ended up in the final.
In their run up Greenfield (Tunstall) won 4 drew 1 and lost 0 putting them in the final against a very good team from Norton.

Avery hard fought game ensued which Greenfield won 1-0.
They also received winners medals.
It was an outstanding tribute to the lads for all their hard work and dedication.


They are also third off the top of the Monday night Dimensions league.

Also Greenfields (Tunstall)  second team won the under 14s, and received winners medals as well, so a “WELL DONE LADS” goes to them as well.

They provided a exciting and tense finish by winning on penalties (really exciting stuff).
As with the seniors they won 4 drew 1 and 0 losses to get to the final.

Proving that hard work and practice does pay off.

The bonus in all of this is that the estate as seen a massive reduction (over 50%) in anti/social/behaviour and criminal damage, and seeing the pride on the lads faces at what they have achieved.

There are a minority in the area that won’t join in and cause trouble, but this is a country-wide problem.
I have always said that 98% of this area has decent families and kids.

These lads prove the point that provided with the help, support, and backing from the authorities and residents our estates can be made better for all.

Terry Cope Chairman of The Greenfields (Tunstall) Residents Association.
Congratulations to Greenfield (Tunstall) Football Teams.



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Thank you W/M for posting

Thank you W/M for posting this. We are (me included) sometimes too quick off the mark to critisize our youth, but I feel given a chance they can be quite surprising. We are all on our committee proud of the lads and the hard work they have done. We still have our scallywags that pester ours and surrounding areas whom the Police know well. Quite what we do with these I cannot fathom. The good thing is our lads see these and don't want anything to do with them.
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Can I just clarify a mistake

Can I just clarify a mistake in this report. It is the FA that run the football in Dimensions every monday not Street-games. Sorry.

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