Stress refers to the feeling one has when under a great deal of emotional tension and cannot cope with particular life pressures. These pressures usually occur in many forms, from everyday demands such as relationships and work to traumatic events. While it is common that one may feel stressed from time to time, particular individuals live with chronic stress. This is especially the case when people are exposed to diverse stressors for prolonged periods. This is because the body’s stress response system is not designed to be activated constantly; when this happens, the effect on an individual’s well-being and health can be substantial. Nutrition plays a major part in helping the body’s stress response system and thus relieving stress. This article explores some of the foods that will help you fight stress.

Matcha powder

Green tea powder is a prevalent option among health enthusiasts because it is rich in L-theanine, an amino acid that is not protein-based and has great stress-relieving properties. Matcha is a better amino acid source than any other green tea typed because it is made using green tea that has been grown in the shade. This process increases L-theanine levels among levels of other compounds in Matcha, coupled with the fact that its caffeine levels are low, makes it perfect for fighting stress.


Sweet potatoes

By consuming nutrient-rich, whole carb sources such as sweet potatoes, stress hormones such as cortisol in the body can be maintained at low levels. Though the body regulates the cortisol hormone level in the body, chronic stress can tamper with this self-regulating mechanism, causing even more adverse effects, including pain and inflammation, among others. Sweet potatoes are a source of carbs filled with very beneficial nutrients as far as the body’s stress response is concerned.


If you are for nutrition that will help you fight stress, make friends with your fishmonger. Salmon has properties that counter the stress hormone cortisol and adrenaline, making it one of the greatest foods to combat stress. Salmon comprises omega-3 fatty acids. The omega-3 fatty acids contain anti-inflammatory properties that help balance these hormones’ effects, thus reducing anxiety and improving a person’s response to stress. It doesn’t mean that just taking a single plate of salmon will stop your stress, but it instead means that consuming fish within a long time and within a well-planned meal, intervals will help manage stress.

Dark chocolate

Chocolate is a favorite food among many. By just having some pieces of dark chocolate, this could greatly improve your mood. Research has indicated that chocolate enhances the feel-good effects and gas cocoa containing antioxidants that help relax blood vessels, which boosts circulations and lowers blood pressure.


Avocados are not only delicious when sliced and added to a salad, but they also provide the body with omega-3 fatty acids. As stated earlier, omega-3 fatty acids are essentials acids that help boost concentration, reduce anxiety and stress, and improve a person’s mood. Avocado’s ability to fight stress goes beyond omega-3 fatty acids; they also contain essential nutrients, phytochemicals, and fiber, all of which play a part in keeping the body’s stress levels low.

Warm milk

Having a glass of warm milk just before bed is a remedy that has been used for quite a long time to help relieve stress. Experts say that warm milk offers relaxing benefits on one’s psychological state and the whole body. By drinking warm milk just before bed, then such a routine can signal one that it is time to sleep, which will enable one to have a good sleep routine and sleep patterns, which also play a great part in ensuring stress levels are low.


There are a variety of nuts offered by different healthy food companies. These nuts provide quite a variety of nutrients, including healthy fatty acids and vitamin B. Vitamin B is very helpful in reducing stress. Some types of nuts such as Walnuts, Pistachios, and Almonds help lower blood pressure levels. Pistachios, particularly, is known to have properties that help reduce stress. For best results, ensure that you have about a handful of nuts in a day. Nuts also have high magnesium levels, which has been said to help greatly in the management of a person’s anxiety.

In conclusion, stress can be a major source of concern and can rob one of peace of mind. While there are several ways to fight stress at home, including making crafts using ideas from sites such as Create and Craft, nutrition has been proven to be the best method. However, you must ensure you buy your foods from reputable stores; review sites, including ReviewsBird, can help you out in this.