Having your own hot tub is nice decision. When you love bathing in warm water and relaxing in it, you can purchase a hot tub. It will not only be for you, but you can also use it together with your family. During special occasion, you may also invite your friends to enjoy the bathing. Wood burning hot tub from RG Hot Tubs is nice choice. The manufacturer produces good quality of hot tub that will give you great satisfaction. It looks great in term of appearance. As for its quality and durability, you do not need to worry about it. It does not require complicated assembling process and its maintenance is very easy. This is right choice when you want to have easy access of hot bathing in your house.

Interesting Points of the Wood Burning Hot Tub


There are some interesting points that will be reasons of purchasing the hot tub. One of them is about its construction. It uses the wooden construction for its exterior. The wooden material uses the raw spruce wood. It is nice wood that has good strength and durability, so it is not weak against water and temperature. Since it is dedicated for outdoor hot tub, weather is not big problem, and the material can last for years. As for the tub, it uses fiberglass shell. This is good since it gives smooth surface and its curve follow the body line that makes you more comfortable. In addition, it is strong and sturdy. There will not be any leakage problem since each part is checked properly before it is delivered to you. It has stainless steel belt to give more strength for the construction, so it is strong enough to hold the whole weights of hot tub and the water when you use it.

Easy and Fast Preparation for Wood Burning Hot Tub

When you want to use the hot tub, you will get interesting experience. Instead of using electrical heater, you will use the log burner. This sounds traditional but wood can give special experience and the heat coming from the wood is natural and it gives different feeling. Regardless of its log burner characteristic, you will not need to worry about preparation. You can fill the water into the tub easily. Then, you can set the wood and its temperature without any problem. It already has its attached chimney and flue, so you do not need to worry about the smokes from its burning process. The heating time are only around 2 hours, and you can get faster process when you choose the integrated or internal log burner.

Necessary Maintenance of Wood Burning Hot Tub

Of course, you should pay attention to its maintenance. In this aspect, you will not find any complicated problems. It is easy to maintain your hot tub condition. Basically, you only need to pay attention to the tub itself while the other parts do not need special attention as long as there is no technical error. You can drain the tub easily after you use it, and it has drainage plug with waste pipe. It is located on the floor so it can drain the water completely. You can wash and clean the tub quickly since it only needs cloth or sponge. Later, you can rinse with the clean water.